my Photo Coach

This application will help you learn to make better pictures, pushing you a little beyond your "comfort zone".

This application is there you help you develop your creative vision as a photographer. Our work improves our creativity perspective, but sometime we feel that we are missing something, and we need to go one step further.

This application will generate one random mission for you, like an assignment, asking you to take 10 shots of a given subject in some way. Not the way you want or the way you're comfortable with. Not the subject you're used to. It will help you spend time photographing things that you're not used to, think your subject differently, try different perspectives.

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Taking these shots will require you to focus on your mission. By accepting your mission and taking the required photos, you should seek new ideas. You will also gain a deeper understanding of your camera, in different situations.

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To create a great photo, the photographer needs to construct and express a vision, and not just capture a memory.

Ideally it is necessary to forget the camera, gears and technique. This requires first to master them, until the use of your camera becomes natural to you, as an extension of your hand and your eyes.

First learn how to use your camera, repeating simple exercises focusing on one thing at the time. If you normally take pictures of people at home, go out and shoot cars. If you like landscapes with wide lens, shoot people with a zoom. Not sure about using the flash, then do a series with a flash as your main light source. Try new angles, use a ladder, shoot your subject from non-traditional point of views. Try new settings on your camera that you are unfamiliar with, and keep them for a whole series of pictures.

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After you achieve a number of mission, you will have greatly increased your experience and knowledge of your camera, and making photos will become more natural to you, helping you to build your vision and focus on your subject. For each mission that you accept, try shooting only a few images, about 10 to 15. Not thousands of everything you see left and right hoping to get the good one. Instead focus on your assignment, be alert on what you're doing, look for your best image.