my Photo DOF

This Application is a DOF Depth-of-Field calculator.

The idea behind this one is to VISUALLY display the DOF, just the way the photographer needs it! Quickly, without goings through many menus, and showing a visual scale. Distance values are rounded with correct scale automatically (feet or inches, meter or centimeters). Values are rounded to meaningful digits.

The display changes dynamically as the photographer changes the lens settings on the wheels, directly on the first page.

Only one step is required the first time: selecting the camera in a list, and selecting "metric" units or not.

DOF_screen0 DOF_screen1

Note: for compact cameras with small sensors, the "35mm equivalent focal length" shall be entered instead of the real lens focal (as usually shown on the camera itself). For DSLR cameras, the real focal length as read on the lens shall used for the calculation.

Note: if your camera is not listed, just choose the sensor size on the list.